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Information Security Advisory

We cover the whole spectrum of information security consulting services; security governance reviews (based on ISO, PCI-DSS and NIST), penetration testing, network security & architecture reviews, compliance audits and the amalgamation of these components of review to provide an enterprise security assessment.

Managed Services

Our bespoke managed security services are more of creating a relationship with our clients since we walk with them in their cyber-security journey. We categorize the services into 3; Phishing as a Service (PaaS), Vigilance as a Service (VaaS) and Staff Augmentation Service (SaS) to provide end to end security coverage.

Corporate Training

One of the greatest threats to information security could come from within an organization. Inside ‘attacks’ have been noted to be some of the most dangerous since these people are familiar with the infrastructure. It is not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often, it is the non-malicious, uninformed staff.


Effective cyber-security training on security basics and behavioral standards is not something accomplished through a one-time seminar or awareness session. From learning the language of security, to behavioral basics and changing standards, professionals of every trade can now have an opportunity to get acquainted with cyber-security, and then stay up to date as the world grows more connected, complex, and capable of devastating hacks, scams, and breaches.

Cyber Risk

The rate at which technology is moving and the number of offensive tools or methods being developed is unprecedented. Corporates, let alone law enforcement bodies are simply playing catch-up. We work towards bridging that divide or knowledge gap to ensure management in those organizations understand fully well the current state of cyber-security and the potential impact on their organizations in order to enhance prevention measures and shorten breach detection times to minutes.

Cyber Forensics

Extant provides expert advice to organizations or companies, other security and investigations firms where matters related to cyber-crime are concerned. Our insights on latest attack trends provide forensic analysts with relevant information that leads to fair and conclusive closure of cases. We cover cyber blackmail, cyber extortion, computer hacking, high tech identity theft, computer hacking, cyber bullying, sex-tortion and cyber fraud.


Cybersecurity Maturity Journey

  • Assess

    ITSec Maturity Assessment






  • Plan

    Planning Roadmap

    Maturity score card

    Action Plan

    Resources and Budget

    Management Support

  • Act

    IT Maturity

    Governance structure

    IT Asset Management

    Configuration Management

    Change Control

    Monitoring and Logging

  • Optimize

    Organizational Readiness

    Project/Program Management

    Organizational Change Management

    Risk Management

    Board-Level Support

  • Result

    Target Maturity Posture


    Return On Security Investment

    Change Agents

    Culture Change



Where is your ‘bottleneck’ in the IT Security Program? How exposed is your organization? Are you overwhelmed by threats, with limited resources? Is there a culture and environment where your people understand how to behave securely and do the right thing? Have you adopted the Cybersecurity guidelines? Has your organization undertaken a holistic security assessment to ascertain maturity of your program? Do you have an IT Security Strategy?
Extant has a proven track record of walking the Cybersecurity journey with its clients, from assessments/ reviews, training, development of a Cybersecurity Strategy to advice on cutting-edge and threat landscape relevant solutions to everyday challenges.

Why Choose Us?

 Extant Consult is an intelligence-led cyber-security company specializing in enterprise-security and cyber risk to provide comprehensive, professional advice and training in the IT security and cyber-security field. Our service offerings are aimed at providing value through quality and professionalism; intersecting business, IT architecture and security needs of our clients. Our purpose is to provide market and intelligence driven, vendor-neutral information and cyber-security consultancy services that will enable service providers and consumers securely leverage on technology to achieve their key business or personal objectives, creating a positive impact in cyberspace.

 Extant has diversified technical experience in information security consulting, systems audit and technical information technology implementation, support and maintenance. The team has held management and technical positions in blue chip companies within financial services, telecommunication and professional services sector. Our forte is quality and excellence conceived through passion and experience to address the cyber risk needs of the ICT ecosystem as a whole and to specifically offer specialized services to organizations within our reach.

To be the leading intelligence and market-driven information and cyber-security professional services provider in Africa by 2020.

To enhance security, resilience and reliability of our clients information and communication infrastructure and make a positive impact in cyberspace.

  •    Integrity – we don’t just say, we do
  •    Team work – we work together to achieve the set objective
  •    Trust – we derive mutually beneficial relationships
  •    Discrete – we treat client information with confidentiality
  •    Agile – we ensure your expectations are met

We are the change we seek to see in cyberspace. The effort we put in is a measure of our resolve in our mission and we always find ways without excuses.

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